In April, an international company asked us to produce a Spanish-style theme party in Poble Espanyol for more than 700 guests. Here are a few of the details of what we organized in case you’re looking for inspiration for your theme parties in Barcelona.
Once all the guests were gathered in Poble Espanyol’s Hibernacle, we kicked the party of with a batucada comprised of 8 percussionists. We’re sure you already know it’s always a good idea to start welcome parties with rhythm and energy but this one makes the difference. Next stilt walkers with costumes inspired by the great and well-known Catalan cultural icon Antoni Gaudí interacted with the guests. It was the moment for photos.
These gaudi-style stilt walkers are perfect for this type of moment because of the spectacularity and vitality they create while providing ambience and entertainment for corporate events in Barcelona. Meanwhile, our amazing Rumba group with Flamenco dancers heated things up for 45 minutes from a spectacular 10×6 meter stage accompanied by a videojockey that complimented the act with audiovisual effects inspired by Spanish iconography.
In summary, a typical Spanish party but with local touches, the combination we thought would best accompany this type of corporate events with so many guests of different nationalities.