Rarely are we so excited to organize and produce a thematic event like the one we organized for an international company in April in Barcelona. We absolutely love this theme. It was a terror-themed party. For it we transformed the Hibernacle of Poble Espanyol into a haunted hotel where the staff were ghosts that lived amongst the guests.
We had a housekeeper, gardener, concierge, and a cook along with other players, for a total of 10 actors for events that became characters of fear thanks to a spectacular team of makeup artists that were the key to success. But it did not end there! During the event, a team of 12 dancers transformed into ghosts surprised the guests by with a specially choreographed routine set to the mythic Rocky Horror Show theme song. This performance by our dancers for corporate events achieved the objective of converting the celebration into a party where everyone is there for one single purpose: Enjoyment.
Special props go out to the welcome desk we designed with 2 talking heads. It was just like it sounds. We wanted to create an element that would be the WOW effect of the event, the thing that everyone wanted to record. To achieve that, the design team had the amazing idea to create a table with 2 singers styled as if they were marble statues. It was quite unusual, and the guests enjoyed it as if they were kids again! At Eventos Barcelona, we are specialized in designing every type of event and custom party. If you don’t believe us, here’s the video.