claves para organizar un evento de éxito

The keys to event organisation success

We have seen significant developments in the events sector over recent times. It is a market that generates millions of Euros each year, in our country alone. However, a lack of experience, or incapability to effectively delegate tasks can bring all our efforts to a halt.

We have to be very careful when activities don’t go to plan, as they could have the opposite effect of that we initially hoped for, with negative repercussions on our brand. That’s why, in today’s post we are going to give you a series of tips on how to successfully organise an event.   

What are the benefits of organising an event?

Workplace activities can make an unmeasurable impact on camaraderie and team work. They help create a better work environment and a stronger brand commitment. When these events are held outside of the workplace, they project a positive image to potential customers, increasing business and providing our company with growth and real-life experiences.   

How do you organise an event?

Whether it be a sporting, social or commercial event, our intention must always be to create an attractive proposition that is able to attract and surprise our attendees. Internal meetings, conventions, team building, and other activities are all important in this sense, although we must always have an eye our final budget.

This leads us to our first point: the investment for the creation and promotion of an event can be costly, especially if it includes hiring external personnel such as security or hosts. Before needlessly spending huge sums of money, we need to take a look at what other activities are scheduled to take place in our city, to ensure that there is nothing similar going on to leave us as a second option. If this is the case, it may be best to delay the event or create a new concept all together.  

Media reception

Clearly identify the message that you want to put across, as well as your target audience and the values and concepts you want to give off. Is your event just to have a good time? Or is it focussed on getting as much media coverage as possible? In such a saturated market, there is huge competition and standing out from the crowd is no easy task.

While your idea may be original and attractive, on a large part, success depends on aspects related to the organisation and logistics. Choose well reputable event companies that specialise in these matters, as otherwise you may face uncountable setbacks during the event which are difficult to solve in the there and then.     

Final points

Define the objective of your event, as well as your target audience, means and budget. Decide upon the time to spend on each activity and try and pick a day that is not lacking nor overbearing with work activities, balancing the theory side of things with chats or other interactive activities. The aim is for your attendees to have the perfect experience, giving you valuable conclusions on how to increase the competitivity and endorsement of your brand.  

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