Tips for event organisation in Barcelona

barman para eventos barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most important cities in Europe, characterised by its dynamic society and being a focal point of international tourism. That is why it is the ideal backdrop for the organisation of parties and activities that will attract a wide array of people while also capturing considerable media attention. So, in today’s post we are going to give you a series of tips that we hope will help you in the organisation of events in Barcelona.

Why organise an event in Barcelona?

Do you know about a branding? It is a well-coined term in the business world that refers to the creation and building of a brand. Well, event organisation is one of the most effective branding activities that a company can carry out. This is even more true if it is in an important city like Barcelona, allowing us to have a much larger reach.

It will also allow us to capture new clients, strengthen our relationship with existing clients and increase our chances of finding possible new investors. If you can create a new experience that makes an impression on your guests, your brand will not be easily forgotten.    

Type of event

Is it a party, celebration or presentation? Is it a meeting or sporting event? This is a vital decision, as the idea is for your guests to see it as an attractive proposition, that makes them feel comfortable and identify with your brand. In Barcelona the possibilities are almost endless, as it has the infrastructure and demographic to handle anything.

Delegate responsibilities

Once you have defined your objectives, you need to appoint various individuals who are going to be responsible for the event, they shall then be delegated with different tasks. It is too complex for you to take care of everything yourself, so you need to consider who to put in charge of each area. These individuals will also need their own assistants, so make sure to establish all these facts from the beginning to avoid any future confusion.   

Important points

Bear in mind the time that each activity will last and the target audience you want to attract. Will it be a free or paid entry? Do you have a space large enough to fit in all the guests? You will also need to take great care of the logistics, as if not, the day could be a complete disaster. Organise everything in advance, and think about if you will need security, hosts, transport, catering or other minimal details such as sending out invitations.  

Promote your event in Barcelona

Having the perfect schedule, full of attractive propositions is worthless if no one knows about it. Promotion needs to be done through the traditional channels as well as the new digital channels. This means press releases in newspapers, radio slots and an active social media presence. Maybe you need to hire a Community Manager!

We hope this post has helped you if you are looking to organise an event in Barcelona. See you soon!

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