At Eventos Barcelona we have all kinds of dance professionals at our disposal, whatever the style, discipline or origins. Our offer in these kinds of shows includes both the more classical and established dances and the most surprising and ground-breaking ones; from flamenco to breakdance and funk with LED outfits. If your event needs some dancing, contact us and we will find the moves that fit your bill.


Why include dance in your event? Dancing is one of the most beautiful ways humanity has found to express itself. The capacity that dance has to transmit concepts and feelings makes it an exceptional tool when it comes to creating a particular atmosphere or expressing an idea. At Eventos Barcelona we are aware of the potential found in dance shows and that’s why we consider them a very valuable asset in different kinds of events. Thanks to the versatility of our artists and to the various stages we can set them in, we can design choreographies, rehearse and produce all kinds of custom-made dance shows, with the aim of creating unique shows, adapted to the needs of each individual event.

A wide range of styles A dance show is the ideal addition to enrich an event, giving it an extra of artistic sensitivity that will make it particularly enchanting. Our selection of dance shows in Barcelona includes classic dancers, burlesque dancers, cabaret shows, flamenco, Brazilian dancers with amazing costumes, salsa, hip hop and street dancers… and many more. We also have aerial dancers, roller shows and dance numbers with LED hula hoops, a stunning visual show combining dance and technology. The possibilities of our dance shows are varied and surprising, so if you’re planning a special event, they are undoubtedly an option worth considering.

How to choose a dance show Before hiring a dance show, it is convenient to bear in mind a number of factors. Dance shows are a very visual option with a great artistic and emotional charge, making them a very attractive and effective spectacle. But, depending on the nature of the event and the goals it has in mind, there are shows that fit in better than others. If you are looking for a dance show for your event, in our agency you will be able to get all the information you need on all the options available and assessment on which one best suits your needs. The theme of the event is one of the key elements you have to bear in mind when choosing a dance show. Depending on the creative concept on which the event is based, at Eventos Barcelona we will try to find the dance show that will fit in best with it, be it traditional or modern, focused on art or technology.

Thanks to our department of artistic direction, we can even create everything custom-made, selecting and producing all the necessary elements, from stage design to the lighting or the costumes. Another element that must be taken into consideration is the people who will be watching the dance show. At Eventos Barcelona we are used to working for demanding clients and with important companies both on a national and international level. Our experience and our artistic portfolio allow us to select the shows that fit in best with every event, taking into consideration the kind of person who will be attending it and the expectations that the client has for that particular show. And finally, it is necessary to bear in mind the intention of the show and what atmosphere is it meant to generate.

If you want the guests to flock to the dance floor, a pop band will undoubtedly help, but if the event is focused on the presentation of a product or a promotional campaign, dancers with LEDs or roller dancers will be a perfect fit. Our foreign clients are fascinated by the joy found in the rumba shows and with the passion exuded by our flamenco spectacles. Every event has its character and its concept, and the adequate dance show can provide an invaluable contribution when it comes to providing the desired atmosphere. Whatever the case, an ideal dance show for your event exists and we will be delighted to find it for you.

Do you have an idea? Feel free to contact us today and we will move those ideas into a magnificent and unforgettable event.