Eventos Barcelona offers a huge array of dance shows and styles for events. Choose between classic, modern, contemporary or ethnic dance groups. Our Flamenco Shows for events are a favourite for their Spanish flavour and the Cabaret and Burlesque Shows are popular for their exotic and enticing sensuality. The Aerial Dance Performances are one of the most spectacular and visually impactful choices for events.


Do you need to hire dancers for your event?

We have as many dances as you can think of in our catalogue of various styles, cultures and nationalities. This means we have the dances and music capable of evoking all kinds of feelings and emotions, whether that be the sensuality of burlesque, the rhythm of capoeira or the elegance of tango.

Dance shows in Barcelona

Who hasn’t dreamt at one time or another of succumbing to a sensual tango? Or learning to belly dance? Dance has always been one of the best ways to express an idea or concept. Maybe it’s time you put it to the test at your next event.

Imagine a party with dancers performing a typical Colombian dance while your guests sip on tropical cocktails in a truly unique atmosphere. A salsa dancer interacting with guests and getting everybody dancing. How about fire breathers opening the curtains to a hypnotic Arabic dance that transports you to the set of 1001 nights?

Dance is the best representation of poetry and good vibes. It is the perfect addition to any event where a dance show won’t be out of place.

The importance of having a dance show at your event

Actors, stilt walkers, freestyle footballers; EB is comprised of professionals, who thanks to our years of experience, know exactly what we’re doing. When we hear the word “dance”, our minds jump to an array of different options that could be adapted to the tastes of the event organizer. We also analyse every specific detail, turn an ordinary concept into the extraordinary and ensure that any occasion is the epitome of perfection.

We have a wide selection of dance shows in Barcelona, with different styles, nationalities and cultures that are fully adaptable to even the most exclusive of demands. Dancers who capture the audience’s attention with a stunning capoeira performance, emotional dances and rhythms that transport us to place far, far away.

The options on offer are endless and we provide you with the soul, colour, nostalgia and spectacular to strike a chord with all your guests.     

We’ve got the best dance shows for you

If you are looking for a dance show in Barcelona for your next event, we’ll show you the way. We will advise you on the best possible options, add a pinch of ingenuity and a dose of magic with the client having the final say on every idea.

There are also a lot of ways to add even more to your event: cocktail bars, LED light shows, workshops or even dance classes that expand the concept of a dance show. We can make it a truly mind blowing experience.

Are you looking for dance shows in Barcelona? Tell us more.