Roller Skaters Dancers.

In Eventos Barcelona we have the best entertainment on wheels for any kind of events, exhibitions, private parties or gala dinners in Barcelona. If you are looking for a different, energetic and original corporate entertainment for your event, you must try the roller skate dancers! Our Roller Dancers will delight the guests with their amazing routines and choreographies. This skating show can be customized for each event, depending on the client´s needs.

Amazing performance on wheels! Do you want to hire roller skaters for your event? You’re in the right place!

At Eventos Barcelona you can hire all kinds of shows and performances of skaters or roller dancers that will make your corporate or private event a total success. You can even hire roller skaters from various disciplines such as hostesses, models, tricks (jumps, slalom, ramps ) …all on wheels! It´s a cheerful, lively and urban show where roller skaters will perform different choreographies throughout the event following the rhythm of the funky and soul music. It includes several costumes, materials and 4 shows where the roller girls will cheer up and interact with the audience. This Roller Skater dance troupe is flexible and easily customizable for each event, with tailored costumes, choreographies and routines. Thanks to their experience in corporate entertainment we can create a bespoke show. If you wish more information or check out more entertainment options don´t hesitate on asking us, we have a large range of shows and artists for events in Barcelona

Roller dance in Barcelona

Do you have a passion for skating? Did you used to love spending long afternoons skating through the park as a child? Roller skating is a playful and versatile sport, fully adaptable to any situation and audience. One of the best places could be at that next party you’re planning that still lacks that conceptual twist you are after. Imagine it now: all your guests in their best clothes trying to stay on their feet at your party or enjoying a Roller Dancer Girl show with the outfits, pirouettes and rhythms that will enliven your unique and different party. Do you want to find out more?

The power of a Roller Skate show in Barcelona

If you decide to hire a Roller Skate show in Barcelona, EB is your perfect choice. We are a company with vast experience and a real passion for the world of events. We will be by your side throughout the fascinating organization process of creating an event from nothing. We will take care of the smallest details, the perfect lighting, the sound and of course the hiring of the best Roller Skate artists in Barcelona, who will adapt to all your needs and the concept of your party.   Once all the possible options have been analysed we will take care of it all to make sure that everything is ready for the big night. This will include the option of various additions such as podiums, stages, caricaturists or even an enormous cocktail bar to order your favourite drinks at.  

Roller party: fun on wheels

The world of roller parties offers a variety of options to choose from in order to get the perfect event. From the Soul, Funk or Hip Hop music in the background to the different tricks and pirouettes on display and even the costumes and characters. You can choose it all to turn your event into the best Roller Skate show in Barcelona. You just need a little bit of help to enhance your ideas and create that party that will defy the expectations of both you and your guests. Are you thinking of organising a Roller Skate event in Barcelona? We’re here to help.

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