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At Eventos Barcelona, we have the perfect option to surprise your guests by adding a touch of glamour and prestige to your corporate event; Glamm Dancers, dancers for extraordinary, exotic and exclusive events. Our work is aimed at ensuring that every corporate event is unique and special. One way of achieving this is with the essence of these dancers who offer sensuality, femininity and elegance at all times.

Glam Dancers Eventos Barcelona

Sensual dancers to add a touch of glamour to your event.

The Glamm Dancers’ style will depend on the concept of the event or the theme of the party as they have an original, eye-catching and extravagant wardrobe, whether it be futuristic, cutting-edge, sensual, cabaret, etc. We also take care of the small details adding multiple accessories: gloves, feathers, sequins, hats and masks. We turn any conceptual ideal into reality, adapting to any style or theme.    Glamm Dancers and event dancers in Barcelona can fulfil several different functions at the same event. They are professionals in special welcomes, stage shows and can also move between difference ambiances within the event venue as well as interacting with guests and livening up the party.    Glamm Dancers offer a multitude of possibilities as per the event you want to celebrate, from gala dinners to themed parties, performances or work parties.

Glam Dancers
Espectáculos de Glam Dancers Barcelona

Dancers in Barcelona

It’s been a while since you felt you were at a proper party. One full of colour, brightness and rhythm. What’s more, now it’s your turn to organise your own event and you want to let your imagination run wild, but you don’t know how. Have you thought about hiring event dancers? Imagine it now: Glamm Dancers, full of feathers, or maybe costumes from another millennium with a provocative attitude, performing sensual dances and mingling with guests, adding that edge of exclusivity and craziness that your party needs. It is an alternate concept involving other attendees in addition to your guests, who are able to blend in with the atmosphere and reinvent the idea of a stag or hen party or a business dinner.

The importance of hiring dancers for your event

If you’re thinking of hiring dancers in Barcelona for your event, at EB we have every option you can think of. Dreamy performances, guest interaction, unique shows and captivating numbers.   Our extensive experience in event organization and management allows us to offer a plethora of possibilities to match the tastes of everybody. We take care of all the details, suggest alternates and enhance basic concepts, focussing on making that great party one that wins over your guests and surpasses all expectations.   

Glamm Dancers: a new concept

However, it’s not all about the performers. Our idea of a party that includes Dancers in Barcelona goes way further. We are able to organise performances, themed or alternative parties and gage guest interaction. Whether it be Glamm Dancers, or Contemporary Dancers, there is a dance and show to meet all needs and tastes and we know how to make it a reality.    We also ensure that costume and make-up is ready in addition to any other details surrounding your party from lighting to sound and even audiovisual, to make it a roaring success. If you are looking for dancers in Barcelona and you still don’t know what to do, don’t hesitate and get in touch.  

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