Book Latin Dance Group for events.

At Eventos Barcelona we offer an amazing Latin Dance Group for all kind of corporate events. This experienced latin dancers can perform all types of latin styles such us Salsa, Cumbia, Tango, Samba, Rumba or Pasodoble. This lively ballroom dance show will fill the event with energy and lively atmosphere, involving all the guests in the latin way of life.

Mambo, Rumba, Cumbia, Tango, Samba… we have various latin dance shows to offer for your event.

This dance show can be performed by 1 single couple up to 6 couples in severals acts. Each one can be dedicated to every latin style in order to know and go deeper to the passion and the beauty of this ballroom dance. We can also add latin live music creating a truly latin atmosphere. At Eventos Barcelona we have stunning latin singers and live bands for events where the audience easily connect with their lovely melodies and lively rhythms. With tailored costumes specially designed and produced for corporate events, the show becomes a complete latin experience. The latin dancers can interact with the guests dancing with them, teaching some movements and also with masterclasses. If you’d like to book a Latin Dance Show, you’re in the right place! Get in touch, with no obligations, and we’ll help you choose the show that most suits your unforgettable event.

Bailarina de Salsa Dancer

Salsa Dancers in Barcelona

Who can resist unconsciously moving their feet to the beat of Cumbia, Mambo or Salsa? How long have you wanted to take dance classes for, but have never found the time? How about a few Mojitos before learning the first steps? The Caribbean beats and rhythms always evoke unique tropical vibes. Celebrations full of colour, good times and smiles all around. It is the ideal concept for a great party if you want to entertain your guests in a truly unique atmosphere. You know it’s possible, right?  

The importance of Salsa Dancers for your event

Having Salsa Dancers at your party is just a small chunk of your party that will take you to the bars of Cuba or the beaches of Puerto Rico. At EB we have extensive experience in the organization of all types of events, with Salsa Dancer parties in Barcelona being one of our specialities. We will support you on every step of the journey, giving you the best possible options depending on the venue, budget and tastes, paying close attention to details and making sure that the final result is better than you ever could have imagined.   


Salsa Dancers: a Caribbean party

Salsa, Cumbia, Rumba and Guaracha Dancers, mojitos and colour. A party with a Caribbean atmosphere and a variety of highlights to help make it a truly unique experience. Close attention will be paid to every subtle detail to make the final result an all-round success. Beats and happiness from good music, incredible performances, dance classes and if you want, cocktails, barmen, lighting, sound and staging. At EB we know what you are looking for, and in this case, it is a party with Salsa Dancers in Barcelona. We are at your service.