Street Dancers: Book Hip Hop Dancers and Breakdancers for your event.

At Eventos Barcelona we have groups of street dancers for events, hip hop crews and breakdance dancers designed for corporate events and shows that combines a powerful energy, amazing acrobatic skills and magnetic rhythms. This street dance performance that guarantees a memorable corporate entertainment ideal for product launches, exhibitions, or private parties. Our Hip Hop and Breakdance shows for events in Barcelona are usually accompanied by a dj, beatboxer and professional graffiti artists.

Street Dancers; Break Dancers and Hip Hop

To hire a Street Dancers Crew is always a good idea to entertain all kind of events, specially the ones with a youth audience such as promotional events, night parties or exhibitions. Thanks to our Break Dancers for events in Barcelona, we can create a show that engages with the guests with their cool movements, routines and acrobatic skills. This show is flexible and can be customized depending on your event concept and needs. We can add more dancers or create bespoke street dance performance. Also our artists can wear corporate clothes in order to give the look that the client needs. Can can also hire a DJ to join the Street Dancers Show or another street artists such as Graffiti Artists or Beatboxers.

Street Dancers: Breakdance and Hip Hop

Parkour Artists and Stunts

We also have Parkour Artists with a large experience in corporate events. Parkour performance is an outstanding discipline that consists of moving from one point to another as fluidly as possible, using only the power of the human body. That means jumping over urban obstacles in the way such as fences, walls, or railings, or even trees in a acrobatic style. Parkour can be used for events and be integrated into product launches, stage dances and personalized events with an informal theme. Our Parkour Team is also perfect for outdoor events, exhibitions and festivals in Barcelona.

parkour artists

Street dancers in Barcelona

The urban scene has given way to urban art, platform shoes, tracksuit culture and underground rhythms that add a rough and innovative twist to any setting. It is an avant-garde vibe that can also be the main theme of a party, especially if you choose to go for one of its more innovative ideas. Imagine it now; street dancers, rap music, vibes and a totally transgressive atmosphere. It is the perfect addition for any celebration, of which the possibilities can be seen below.

The importance of street dancers for your event

If you want street dancers for your next party, EB is your number one option for the best possible show. As an event organization company, we have countless years of experience and a team of professionals who are on hand to give you the best advice. We will be by your side right from the start on a fascinating process of creating an event from zero, providing the best options to suit your tastes and budget. We take care of all the details to ensure that your celebration is not just the one you had always dreamt of, but better. One that truly defies all your expectations.  

Parkour: get your party moving

The urban world always offers up a variety of possibilities, meaning that you can choose from a huge selection of attractions for your party. We have a wide choice of street dance, breakdance and parkour artists in Barcelona, as well as the music and aesthetics suited for all tastes and a stage set to please even the highest standards. You can paint graffiti, rap, skate or just enjoy the latest trends customised to your likes. If you are thinking of organising an event with street dancers and an urban atmosphere in Barcelona, EB is at your service for any enquiry you may have.      We want to know it all!

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