Flamenco groups in Barcelona.

There is something so seductive about Andalusia. Those views over the Alhambra or the flowery patios of Cordoba. The markets of Cadiz or the oranges in Seville. But it’s the music that stands out above all else.

Flamenco guitarists: parties with soul


spanish flamenco guitar

The soul of Flamenco always manages to enchant those drawn to a tablao to listen to those heel clicks. How about a private party where a dancer really strikes the rhythm of your heart strings?

That’s right, hiring a Flamenco guitarist for your party is reality and it is one of our specialities to help give your party that touch it needs to make it truly memorable.

Flamenco guitarists: parties with soul

At EB, we have extensive experience in the world of celebrations and events. Our great team of professionals will take care of everything to shape your party into the one you always dreamt of, with an added touch of ingenuity.

Over the years we have organised everything from urban parties and tenor concerts to Cuban beach bars serving personalised cocktails. We take an event organizer’s idea to its very limits and make it possible by focussing on the smallest of details, the organizer’s tastes and the long list of possibilities that we have access to.

We will be by your side at all times to ensure that every detail is included to make your party truly unforgettable and unique.

Do you want to add a touch of Flamenco to your event?

If you want to include a Flamenco guitarist at your event in Barcelona, EB has a long list of artists who can play you Camaron’s classics in the garden of your beach house or at the opening of that bohemian workshop.

We will take care of every aspect of your party: the sound and lighting, temporary seating and staging, dancers and anything else needed to please the requests of even the most demanding of guests.

Having a Flamenco guitarist at your latest party will surpass all your expectations.

Shall we get going?

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