Bossa Nova.

The melodic rhythm of Brazilian music makes this Bossa Nova live band a perfect option for corporate events,  gala dinners, conventions or private parties in Barcelona. At Eventos Barcelona we can provide hugely talented Brazilian musicians with disparate styles that vary from Bossa Nova and the energetic Samba de Rio, to fit in with the level of energy you want to encourage at your event.

Bossa Nova or Brazilian jazz: atmospheric, rhythmical Brazilian music to liven up any event.

Bossa nova cantante

Our shows are adaptable to your event needs, and we can provide groups from five live musicians up to ten musicians, but if your event is smaller a duos of a pianist and singer can be your  best option. At Eventos Barcelona we adapt our show to your event, not the other way round.

From the fusion of Brazilian music with jazz, our singer entertains and delights, carried by the beautiful flow of the harmonies and melodies produced by such a combination. The group can be a soloist, a duo, a trio, a quartet or a quintet, and the instruments can be a guitar, piano, double bass or electric bass, percussion or drums, saxophone, flute and vocals, to supply a lively repertoire of popular Brazilian music.

Bossa Nova is a perfect option as a background music for welcome drinks, cocktails and chill out events. Its smooth sounds and melodies makes this style a beautiful choice to create relaxed atmospheres.

Bossa Nova group in Barcelona

You must have imagined countless parties but maybe not one quite like this, where everyone has a tear in their eye while watching a live performance from a Bossa Nova group. One of Brazil’s most emblematic music styles has something hidden in its magic, melodies and carioca lyrics that can completely transform the atmosphere at a party.  

Just imagine it, don’t stop. Maybe your next party is the perfect time to add this unique touch of charm for your guests and to leave time standing still.

If you thought that a Bossa Nova group was only for a concert or show, you’re wrong. You can have the best artists to celebrate any occasion, no matter how brief.

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Bossa Nova: Brazilian soul in your party

At EB we are a group of professionals with years of experience in making people’s dreams come true. We organise parties from scratch thinking of every possible detail, shaping the event organizer’s idea and transforming every party into a dreamworld.

We have a long list of artists and tools that mean we can give you the perfect party. We have set up a cocktail bar in a lantern-lit garden, hired soulful Flamenco groups and have even set up temporary seating and LED lights shows to completely transform a venue.

And that is just the start.

Be spellbound by a Bossa Nova group

If you’ve decided to hire a Bossa Nova group for your event, at EB we will help you in any way possible to ensure that your party is a success. Along with our collaborators we will try and take you to that charming part of bohemian Brazil and we will make sure that everything is ready for the big day.

A party needs to be the perfect reflection of its host and at EB we provide you with the best options for not just your dream party, but one that defies all expectations.

Do you want to hire a Bossa Nova group for your event? Let us know more.