Percussionists in Barcelona.

Some parties are a bit more sophisticated, some a bit more artistic and some need a bit of rhythm to get started and shake the guests up. The latter is true when it comes to events with percussionists. They are professionals who can evoke the art and spirit from African or Brazilian instruments to get everybody moving.

Groups of drummers and authentic Brazilian batucada dancers, to bring rhythm and energy to any event.

If you’re thinking of planning a party and you still don’t have a showstopper to wow your guests with, hiring percussionists is the perfect option to stand out and get everybody dancing along to that carioca Son. It sounds good, right? So, keep reading then!

The attraction of having a Batucada at your event

At EB we are experts in events. We have been organising all types of events and parties for years with the best of everything finely tuned to the host’s wishes. Once you tell us your idea, we will guide you through each phase of the process, taking care of the smallest details to make a real difference. We can adapt everything to the venue or budget and offer you the best of our team and selection of acts. Over the years we have provided Cuban orchestras and musical duos to caricaturists and Flamenco dancers with percussionists and Batucadas being some of the first options when a customer is looking to add something a bit different and colourful to liven up their party. Are you looking to organise a stag or hen party in your city? Have you hired a venue and terrace to celebrate a special anniversary with all your neighbours and acquaintances? Well, you’re in the right place.     

Percussionists: rhythm and exotic vibes

If you want to hire percussionists in Barcelona for your event, we don’t just provide you with the acts, we also help with the outfits along with the organization of the bongos and timbales to turn up the volume of your party. We guarantee to provide you with the event that you have imagined and make your party one that defies your highest expectations. Do you want to hire percussionists in Barcelona? Tell us more.  

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