Saxo Girl.

Every instrument evokes a certain feeling or emotion, and in the case of the saxophone this includes nostalgia and sensuality, among others. Impeccable melodies that remind us of a sole New York hotel room at sunset, or two lovers wondering around the streets of a European city creating a truly unique image. But, what if you could hire an event saxophonist for the main attraction at your next party?  

Amazing live performance with a glamorous female saxophonist.

Saxo Girl Barcelona

Think about it. Everyone is dancing while the champagne and canapés are served, and a beautiful young girl is playing modern and timeless classics on the stage. It sounds good right? Do you want to hire a saxophonist?

We organise your event in Barcelona

At EB we specialise in the organization of events in Barcelona. We have a team of professionals with a thousand eyes and exquisite taste to meet the wishes of the host and to set up the perfect party. Some events are more modest affairs, others a little more relaxed, some have aerial dances or their own beach bar. Whatever it is you want; our events always reflect the tastes of the guests right down to the smallest of details. If you are thinking about an intimate but warm party, whether a wedding or anniversary, hiring a wedding saxophonist really makes the difference by adding a touch of sophistication to turn any event into a momentous occasion.

Wedding and event saxophonist: Elegance and a touch of sensuality

If you want to hire a saxophonist in Barcelona for your event, EB doesn’t just get you the best performer, we will take care of the whole party. We will make sure the lighting levels are just right, arrange the show timings and if it is a corporate event even adapt the performer’s outfit with the colours of the brand. Do you want to hire an event saxophonist? Tell us more.  

Saxofonista Barcelona
Chica Saxofonista Eventos Barcelona

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