Rumba groups in Barcelona.

Rumba originated in the Catalan community during the 20th Century, highly influenced by Flamenco. This has resulted in an exciting genre that is able to transform any atmosphere. You have undoubtedly experienced its magic at a dance, concert or dinner show and seen how it enlightens any evening. So, maybe it’s time to take that next step and have a Rumba group at your next event.

Catalan Rumba in Barcelona.

Flamenco Rumba

Imagine it now! That enormous stately garden that you have chosen for your daughter’s wedding with the Rumba rhythms of “Volaré” in the background while guests chat enthusiastically. Or how about a more relaxed option? Perfect for one of those exhibitions where everyone just wants to wind down after a long day. There is a time and place for every musical genre and Rumba is best for a positive and rhythmic atmosphere. Find your soul.   

Add a bit of Rumba to your event in Barcelona

If you’re thinking of hiring a Rumba group for an event in Barcelona, EB makes it easy for you. We have a group consisting of three singers and two dancers that has the option of including more members to make sure your evening has the rhythm and soul you are after. At EB we have extensive experience in the world of event organization. We are able to adapt to the tastes and needs of the event organizer and guide them at all times to guarantee an event that charms all the guests and goes down as an outright success. Are you starting to imagine your perfect party?  

Rumba groups: rhythm and tenacity

Hiring Rumba groups for your event adds a different element to any party. We can add to this by providing the perfect cocktail, the right lighting and any other detail needed to bring together any other factor for the perfect event. Hire a Rumba group in Barcelona and become the host of the year thanks to a party that, together, we have made into an event that surpasses all expectations. Are you looking for Rumba groups in Barcelona? We’re all ears.  

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