Flamenco groups in Barcelona.

We can’t help but fall in love with Andalusia. It is a place that conjures up images of water features and shady patios, the charm of its mestizo monuments and especially its characteristic Flamenco music and its derived forms.

Add Spanish flair to your event with Flamenco music, with guitarists, singers, clapping, fusion flamenco, Catalan Rumba and chill-out flamenco…

You must have been fascinated on more than one occasion with a Flamenco performance. One that you wanted to take home with you, to a party where all your guests are perplexed with the fantastic show taking place in front of their very eyes. What if we were to tell you that you can choose from our wide range of Flamenco groups for your next event in Barcelona?  

Art and soul at your next party

At EB we are a vastly experienced company in the field of event organization. We take care of all our clients’ needs and over the years have created events and parties for all tastes. If you want to have a Flamenco group at your party, this is just the start of an organization process full of nuances and contrasts. We can offer you a gala cocktail party accompanied with Chambao sang with the voices of one of our star groups or accompany your prize giving with a guitarist playing a master version of Paco de Lucía’s Entre dos Aguas. Can you just imagine it?  

Flamenco groups for your event: stand out from the crowd

If you want to hire Flamenco groups for your next party in Barcelona, just tell us your dreams and we’ll take care of the rest. We provide the equipment, instruments, staging and lighting. Let the magic take over to make this party one that you’ll never forget. We will be by your side throughout the process, tending to your every need and turning your party into one that will leave your guests enchanted with the Andalusian spell that runs through your perfectly decorated garden or that venue you’re using to open your new art gallery.    Do you want a Flamenco group at your party? Tell us more.