Jazz Singer Barcelona.

Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Sinatra, Davis, Simone… Jazz music has always been the epitome of elegance, romance and soul. It is a musical genre that we usually reserve for those special moments when great songs take over us and the atmosphere is even more magical than normal. So, can this be achieved on a larger scale, like say, your next party perhaps?

What if you could have jazz singers at your party?

Jazz group

Think about it: the opening of your next bohemian style bar that deserves the right soundtrack. Or that garden party at your summer house, accompanied with the sound of the waves? Or how about a wedding? Could anything be more romantic?

Having jazz singers at your next celebration is a key element in the organization of endless factors that will help to make it the best event of your life.

We’re full of swing at EB

If we’ve won you over with our idea and you want to hire a jazz singer in Barcelona for your next event, EB makes it easy for you.

Throughout our years of existence, we have created dream weddings, unforgettable openings and tropical parties culminating in the whole room dancing to salsa beats. We know exactly what we’re doing thanks to our extensive experience and we’re here to give your ideas the identity needed to make your party even better than you could have imagined.

You just need to close your eyes, feel the magic and ask for anything you want to make your event perfect.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Jazz and soul for the perfect event

At EB we have a long list of jazz artists who perform their own songs as well as iconic hits in equally impressive atmospheres. But it’s not just the music. At EB we take care of all the details from the decorating to the lighting and even the tempo to set the rhythm of both the evening and the guests.

Let our jazz singers entice you and tell us everything you need.

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