Opera singers in Barcelona.

Opera is the epitome of elegance and grandeur. It is an event that triggers emotions and takes the breath away from every audience member due to the voices, stories and unique undertones on display. Best of all, thanks to event organization, the possibility of seeing La bohème at your next party is now more possible than ever.

Opera shows for events: from a solo tenor or baritone to quartets, sopranos, zarzuela, and secret singers. Corporate entertainment in Barcelona at its best.

opera shows

Imagine all your guests captivated by the tones of a Soprano performing the best of Verdi or Vivaldi in a truly magical and fascinating venue. Trays of champagne flutes, dim lighting and tearful eyes. Pure emotion. If you are looking to hire event opera singers, we can make it happen.

The benefit of hiring an opera singer for your event.

At EB, we have countless years of experience in event organization. We are professionals who know how to get to the very limits of your dreams and make your party stand out from the rest. We listen to you, we transform the atmosphere and provide you with some of the best artists from our selection of opera singers. The focal point of any party is not just the music, but the heart of every contributing factor.

Opera parties: elegance and class

If you decide to hire opera singers for your event in Barcelona, at EB, we don’t just provide you with the best voices, we take care of everything. From the catering to the lighting, the sound to the staging, all based on your chosen style (zarzuela, opera, etc.). Essentially, an event needs to be the best possible reflection of its organizer. At EB we take care of everything to make sure that the waiter turns into a singer while serving you that glass of champagne. We help you design your own programme to use it as a foundation from which to work on for the rest of the party. Do you want to hire event opera singers? Tell us more.  

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