Scarlett´s Femme Soul Band

Scarlett’s Femme Soul Band is alive with character and distinguishes itself from all the rest thanks to its’ energy, presence and vocal talent. This Soul band formation is composed of 6 female members who specialize in Soul and R & B music. 3 singers are accompanied by 3 excellent musicians. The format is flexible and can be performed as a trio, a quartet or the full sextet. The performance lasts approximately 60 minutes and can be divided into several sets.

Very suitable for events where elegance and good music its required, the band is customizable according to the needs of every event.

Scarlett femme soul band

The band its formed by three powerful voices of soul, reminding to artists such as The Supremes, Destiny’s Child or TLC. Scarlet’s singers are always accompanied by women, giving a point of feminine strength in the scenario that makes them unique in every event. Possible formations: 1) Scarlet’s Trio with instrumental base The three live voices plus a pre-recorded instrumental base, perfect for smaller spaces where the voice and image of Scarlet’s take on maximum importance. 2) Scarlet’s Quartet to Cappella Betty Akna, one of the most recognized singers in Africa as a singer of Gospel, joins the trio. Together, they make an exceptional quartet, where a cappella voices of gospel and soul origin transmit a unique magic and strength. 3) Scarlet’s Trio & The Femme Soul Band The Femme Soul Band is the distinctive touch that gives character and makes Scarlet’s Diamond different from the rest of soul groups in the music scene, since this soul formation is composed of 6 women specialized in Soul and R & B music. So, the three singers are accompanied by a keyboard player, a drummer and a bass player. Watching them playing live on stage, its a vibrant experience.