Violin Trio.

At Eventos Barcelona we have an original violin trio covering all epoques (Baroque, Classical, Romantic) that will give your corporate or private event an elegant touch. Our violinist are very versatile and are able to play modern pieces, or play with electric violins, giving a modern touch to any kind of event.

Classical or modern violin trio, ideal for any type of event where elegance is key.

The group consists of three violinists, who will bring beauty and sophistication to the evening. Both the repertoire and dress can be customised and adapted to suit your event, be it a corporate party, product launch or gala dinner.

Event example

The violinist trio performing at the Venetian-themed event, wearing hand-made masks worn at the famous Carnival of Venice.

Violin trio in Barcelona

We have always thought that violin music goes hand in hand with a formal, elegant and subtle atmosphere. Little bursts of pleasure for our ears able to completely transform our mood and the concept of a celebration that gains even more sophistication when coupled with the right orchestra. Haven’t you thought of hiring a violin trio for your events once or twice before? Have you imagined them playing at the bottom of that grand staircase while delicious canapés are served? or at sunset in your beach house garden at your silver wedding anniversary? Doesn’t it sound great?

The excitement and elegance of a party with violins

If you’re looking to organise a different and elegant event in Barcelona, EB recommends the option of hiring our trio of violins for the big day. Thanks to our years of experience in event organization, we have all the tools and professionals needed to offer any host the answers they are looking for to get the perfect experience. We will be by your side the whole time, advising you on the best options and making sure that your dream party defies both your expectations and those of your guests.

Violin trio: perfect events

Our trio of violins does not just possess a repertoire of classical and modern hits, they also have a varied wardrobe, being able to adapt to that Venetian carnival you want to celebrate or completely adapt to any different atmosphere. We will make sure everything is ready including the lighting, sound, times and staging. All that is left to do is add that little something to bring that touch of magic and excitement to make your event stand out from the crowd. Then you’ll see that dreams really do come true. Would you like to hire a violin trio for your event in Barcelona? Tell us more.   

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