Violinists in Barcelona.

When we think of a violin concert, we think of the words “emotional”, “calm” or “intimate”. But that all changes once you discover the power of the electric violin and the factors that are involved in putting together this magnificent show.

Lamaya, book hire one of the best violinists in Barcelona.

Lamaya, one of the most renowned violinists in Spain, she knows everything and adds a relaxed and exclusive touch to any alternative and original party. Do you want a violinist for your event in Barcelona?

Event violinists: Endless possibilities…

EB is a company with extensive experience in the world of event organization. We have a team of professionals who can adapt to the needs of any host and try to provide the right shows for every type of humour and concept. Having an event violinist is one of our most frequently chosen options for both classic and innovative events. If you are thinking or hiring an event violinist, we will be by your side throughout the organization process, dealing with all the possibilities and details to make your event even better than the one you imagined.

Lamaya: The reinvention of event violinists

If you want violinists at your event in Barcelona, we recommend Lamaya, who with her art and stage presence reinvents the typical concept of a violin concert to offer a show full of LED lights, smoke and passion. We also take care of every detail, from the decoration to the lighting and even the organization of the acts. We believe that an event should perfectly reflect its host, and at EB we always achieve that. Do you want to have violinists at your event? We are all ears.

Violinista para tu evento

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