The world of event-organizing and the entertainment industry are constantly striving to break new grounds. At Eventos Barcelona we combine these two worlds to produce amazing shows and fascinating experiences.

Shows for events

More than shows

There are shows that go beyond music or dance. They are difficult to categorize, far from convention and with a common goal: to surprise and delight the public. This section is dedicated to this type of shows or performances: the ones that are out of the ordinary and leave nobody indifferent. Many of the shows in this section have in advanced technology their main ally. These shows combine stunning visual effects with live shows, creating displays that are thrilling and unforgettable visual experiences.

Eventos Barcelona, a leading name in the world of event organizing

Our agency is considered one of the most important event-organizing companies in Barcelona. Our work is based on the production of events of all kinds and sizes. Whatever the nature of the event you want to celebrate, we will guide you through it every step of the way, taking care of every detail and helping you take the most adequate decisions that will ensure that you get exactly what you need. Every event has its own, particular needs, and our agency is fully aware that there are occasions that require really spectacular and ground-breaking shows. In our selections of special shows, we offer a wide variety of truly amazing shows, not only because they are truly original concepts; they also have the capacity to tell stories and transmit emotions.

The commercial potential of the Wow Factor Shows

Hiring shows for eventsis not only a wonderful way to bring entertainment to an event, it is also a great way to intensify the message that you are trying to transmit. In our section dedicated to different, exceptional shows we have an incredible variety: exciting laser shows, light jugglers, light painting, LED dancers, interactive mapping, flyboard shows, aquatic dance… And they can all be adapted according to your needs. This includes the incorporation of corporative elements, like logos or slogans. This allows these shows to become wonderful marketing tools, ideal for publicity campaigns, product presentations, promotional activities, etc. Depending on the specifications of each show we can also produce made-to-measure shows, with interactive dance and personalized projections. The world of non-conventional shows is constantly receiving new and surprising additions, and the possibilities they hold can transform any event into an unforgettable experience. If you are thinking on how to enrich your event with a truly special show, at Eventos Barcelona, one of leading event agencies in Barcelona, we can help you make your most ambitious and spectacular ideas become a reality.

Do you have an idea? Feel free to contact us today and we will move those ideas into a magnificent and unforgettable event.