Our artistic department also designs customised performances, tailored to the requirements of each event. We are experts in corporate entertainment, get in touch!

Performance for events

At Eventos Barcelona we keep ahead of the latest trends in the scenic arts. We adapt the performances to the requirements of the corporate events world and offer acts with high visual impact and outstanding skill that guarantee to wow your guests.

The importance of show agencies for your event

When we talk about the concept of “parties”, a lot of people think all that is needed is a good selection of music and a lot of canapes. However, the world of event organizing also offers up other attractions that you may not have otherwise thought of.   

When working on your budget, imagine a caricature artist welcoming your guests and then presenting them with a portrait. Imagine an ensemble of feathered Samba dancers, magical lighting, incredible cocktails or even Tango classes for all your attendees.  

These are just a few of the many options we can offer you to make your dream party even better.  

EB: Show agency leaders

Built on years of experience by professional and passionate event organizers, at EB we know the importance of a dream party. Seen as a global leader in the show agency industry in Barcelona, our brand takes charge of even the smallest details when organizing an event to ensure optimum results are achieved.  

We will be by your side throughout the whole process, suggesting the best options and paying close attention to every detail, becoming your best and most trusted companion.

The world of parties is extensive, meaning that it is now paramount to seek the help of an experienced team of professionals when you want to book a show for any event.

Your dream party

At EB we organize parties, a lot of parties, and each one is different, just like their hosts.

Maybe you had thought about adding a touch of originality to your party, or you wanted an aerial dance performance at the opening of that new art gallery? Maybe you wanted to add an urban edge that spins the concept of a party on its head? Or maybe you just want a cocktail bar with a barman in your spectacular garden.   

Do you want to find out more? Then don’t hesitate to contact one of the best show agencies in Barcelona.