Sand artist.

The show consists of the creation of scenes drawn and animated using only the artist’s fingers in fine sand scattered over a table of light. The scenes can be personalised for the event and appear and disappear as the delicate movements of the artist portray different images. The act is shown on a large screen which projects the action from a camera placed above the table, so that it can be seen from across the room and all the guests can enjoy the effects of the performance.

A beautiful visual show using a light table, projector and sand, in which the artist uses rapid hand strokes to create different pictures. An incredibly creative way to tell a personalised story of the company or explain a concept being presented.

The show is personalised using a storyboard, on which the artist creates the different scenes that will be portrayed. For this reason the show requires a preparation time of at least 3 weeks. The sand show usually lasts about 10 minutes and is accompanied by specially selected music for the occasion, which can be pre-recorded or performed live, and which adds a unique and flowing creative feel to the performance. This sand artist show is ideal for product presentations or gala dinners where clients want to make a lasting impact.

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