Holovortex – Hologram Mapping..


Eventos Barcelona is proud to present Holovortex, a new 360º artistic show that combines dance, music and video-mapping. The audience is placed around a cylindrical hologram installation to enjoy the performance from all sides. The fusion of body movements and instrumental music interacting with an impressive hologram creates a profound multisensory experience that will wow your guests.


Holovortex is a high-impact performance for corporate events..

Mapping Dance

The various elements that compose this show will make any corporate event a roaring success. A contemporary dancer performs in dialogue with the 360º hologram projection to create a high impact optical illusion. A fully immersive experience of movements, shapes, colours, sounds and gratifying sensations for the audience who will be left with a lasting impression of your brand.

This hologram mapping show is the perfect way to kick off an event, activating the spectators’ senses and emotions. Fitting perfectly in dark venues or at night-time events, this performance is ideal for conferences, corporate events, cultural events, galas, exhibitions, ceremonies and many more!

If you require any more info about the show, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We guarantee the perfect show for your new event!

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