Dreams Interactive Dance Show.

At Eventos Barcelona we specialise in providing our clients with shows that add something extra special to corporate and private events.

Dreams is a show designed specifically for corporate events. A fusion of dance, music and video art that reaches out and connects to the audience.

Dreams Performance dance mapping

Dreams is an incredibly artistic show which combines dance, music and video art and explores the relationship between image and music, producing a profound multi-sensory experience for the audience. Throughout the show the dancers are lit up to the beat of the instrumental music and the projections. The dream is a tribute to dreams as a path to freedom, danced by several dancers in different scenes. The size of the group can be adapted to your event, and this performance is suitable for events such as gala dinners or corporate events. The show its customizable for every event, and is made up of different scenes that are adapted to your event to generate the highest visual impact

Dance mapping performance