Light Graffiti.

At Eventos Barcelona we offer a new concept for photographs at events. Light graffiti is a new technique that gives your images a futuristic and colourful feel.

Light Graffitti Barcelona

An ideal act for welcoming guests, or for photo calls. A fun and creative way of personalising photos and printing them as a souvenir.

Light graffiti is a photographic technique based on the combination of different types of LED lights used with a slow shutter speed, which allows for the creation of shapes, figures, words and curious games once the photograph is developed. The technique is already used by artistic photographers, and at Eventos Barcelona we have adapted the idea to the world of events, using it in photo calls and welcome shots, with a simple set where the guests can pose. Light graffiti is an act that works well as an interactive activity, and guests receive a fun image of themselves that can include the company logo or a message related to the event. No two light graffiti images are the same, as they are all created live. The photo is taken and is printed in the space of a few minutes, and guests can pose individually or in groups. The activity requires only a space of 3 metres square, low lighting, and a table with a plug socket where we can connect the computer and printer. At Eventos Barcelona we organised the artistic entertainment for the presentation of their veterinary product Procox, developed by the Bayer laboratories through the Atlanta agency. The event was held in a well-known theatre in Madrid, and was attended by 300 guests. The entertainment consisted of a light graffiti show, an ideal performance for events created with lights and colours.

Light Graffitti para presentación de producto de Bayer.

Light Graffitti En Eventos Barcelona nos encargamos de la ambientación artística para la presentación de su producto veterinario Procox, desarrollado por los laboratorios Bayer a través de la agencia Atlanta. El evento tuvo lugar en un conocido teatro de Madrid y contó con la presencia de 300 invitados. La ambientación consistió en un show de Light Graffiti, una interesante performance ideal para eventos basada en la luz y el color.

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