3D Dreams. Video-mapping and dance combined in a unique show..

3D Dreams is a dance and video-mapping show performed from the perspective of the audience, to give guests an immersive three-dimensional visual experience. The visual effects simulate physical reality to create a stunning perception of interaction between the dancers and the audiovisuals.

Video-mapping, projections and dance combined in the ideal show for a presentation or a gala dinner.

This type of show is perfect for events held in a theatre or auditorium, where guests have a good view of the stage area. The performance comprises different parts, all of which can be tailored to your requirements for the highest visual impact.

Videomapping danza

Personalised video-mapping

One of the most impressive factors of this show is the possibility of personalising it with your company’s branding and logos. We can use slogans, images or products to tailor it exactly to your message, and you will have our entire creative team at your disposal to provide our comprehensive range of options.

videotaping dance projection