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Throughout our history, Eventos Barcelona has focused on both creativity and event staging.  With both themes, impeccable technical production is crucial.

Often key moments of an event, show, live feed or guest appearance generate a lot of excitement that is met with disappointment when the moment arrives. What should be the great WOW of the event falls short and becomes inconsequential, and the effort, work, and money invested in vain.

Expectations are generated at a certain moment of the event, a show, a live connection, a star appearance… but unfortunately when the moment of truth arrives, reality prevails and what should be the great WOW of the event does not looks and becomes something inconsequential or disappointing. Many efforts, work and budget in vain. At Eventos Barcelona we are prepared so that these moments do not occur, thanks to our know-how and the team of professionals that we make available to the project.

At Events Barcelona, ​​you will not find a warehouse full of technical material, for that there are already the big production companies that rent the equipment, at Events Barcelona you will find a team with the experience to manage and resolve any type of event at a technical level (convention, gala , awards…) hand in hand with the best partner of the moment, whether it be sound, lighting, AV, set design, placement of stands…because we are specialists in Barcelona for a reason, to know who has to do what depending on the project.

How is a show that we are running going to be lit, what kind of stage do we need, what AV system is the most convenient in each case, what is the artist’s technical rider or basically how do we turn a limited budget production into a solvent event and satisfactory, these are the issues that we solve daily with our clients. Our goal is to facilitate all these decisions together with our team of professionals and take them to action.

Thanks to 12 years of experience, we have had the opportunity to work in the most emblematic venues and hotels in Barcelona, ​​so we know what the peculiarities of each space are, both logistically and technically, so we can anticipate some of the situations that may occur.

This formula is what has allowed us to successfully produce all kinds of corporate events in Barcelona, ​​whether they are company conventions, award ceremonies or gala dinners for national or international clients. With transparency, quality and dedication.

Here you can see some of the events that we have produced at a technical level, managing artistic and technical production in an integral way.

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