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Catalan party.

This theme party is specially designed to pay tribute to the culture and history of Catalonia, for street parties or events held inside.

Catalan party for events: Traditional music with havaneres, castellers human towers, sardana folk dance, giant statues and internationally known personalities to liven up events with traditional Catalan culture.

The Catalan party includes different acts and events including the human tower of the castellers, the gegants and giant head characters, traditional sardana dances and even an actor dressed up as the world-famous Antoni Gaudí or Salvador Dalí as master of ceremonies.

All these acts can be adapted to fit in with the characteristics of your event, and are created to entertain and inform your guests.



As soon as your guests arrive, a group of castellers creates an impressive human tower, the typical way of celebrating a popular event in Catalonia, and a recognised symbol of local culture and identity. The act is accompanied by live music and the towers are made with different shapes, from pillars to castles.

Gegants y Capgrossos

Other typical characters seen at Catalan celebrations are the giants and the giant heads, fantastic parade statues who represent different characters with traditional dress. These acts are particular impressive for groups from foreign companies, as they are unique with their enormous heads, and the giants are between 3 and 5 metres tall. The characters dance to traditional Catalan instruments and drums. The giants and giant heads make a great welcoming act for an event or a gala dinner, as they combine tradition and lots of fun. Below you can see an example of these acts in the Catalan towns of Manresa and Terrassa.


To liven up the company dinner, we propose an act from a havanera group, a unique style of music that combines Caribbean and Catalan sounds. This music is what Catalan sailors and fishermen traditionally sang as they gathered together to drink cremat, a typical Catalan burnt rum. The live group is made up of 10 to 15 musicians with a wide variety of instruments and many singers, and the tunes are upbeat and pleasant, perfect to give atmosphere to a dinner or an event. Below you can see the Manresa group.

Master of ceremonies and artists

All these acts, receptions, and presentations are presided over by the master of ceremonies, one of our internationally famous celebrities, Salvador Dalí or Antoni Gaudí. These characteristic artists are perfect to add humour, games and guests’ interaction to an event, and all wear immaculate costume and make-up created by our team of stylists. The characters are ideal as speakers or presenters, or to host gala dinners or present awards.

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