Japanese Party.

At Eventos Barcelona we have all you need to recreate a pure Japanese style, to offer clients a Japanese-themed party for company events, conventions, or incentive trips in Barcelona.

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A Japanese theme party with decoration, artists, musicians and workshops. A fantastic way to bring the essence of this ancient culture to your corporate event.

Japanese Decoration Moderation, simplicity and nature are the three elements of Japanese style. And at Eventos Barcelona we have all the materials necessary to recreate the essence of Japan in any venue (such as folding screens, drapes, bonsai trees, floor mats…) Sushi catering and workshop Our sushi workshop invites guests to try creating traditional sushi. Our chefs provide the machine for making rice, and all the necessary materials for guests to enjoy the experience. There can be several rounds an hour, and the aim is for guests to learn to make the traditional Japanese food, accompanied with sake or Japanese beer if they wish. Geishas and kendo demonstration Geishas are an ancient symbol of Japan, and we have typical Geishas from ancient Japan to welcome guests, making them feel as though they are entering a Japanese palace. Once all the guests have arrived, the Geishas will move amongst them serving sushi and sake. We also offer a group of kendo warriors, who will perform a demonstration of the martial art that originated in the ancient samurai tradition. Traditional Japanese music During the dinner we will add atmosphere to the event with traditional Japanese music, slow and melodic; ideal to accompany and accentuate the food and setting. We offer various musical options of traditional Japanese music: Shakuhachi solo concert “Sounds of Japan”, a duo performance with a shakuhachi and a koto, or a traditional and contemporary Japanese music trio performance. At Eventos Barcelona we specialise in organising and producing all types of theme parties for corporate events in Barcelona, inspired in cultures or creative concepts such as the Future, vintage circus, and many more… Sample Event With true Japanese style, this casino with poker, roulette, sumo and videogames, will make your corporate event something unique and surprising. This oriental entertainment is ideal for corporate dinners, in which attendees can bet with casino chips in all kinds of table games to reach the “Yakuza” title of the night. Our beautiful Geishas will liven up the evening by welcoming attendees, becoming croupiers and entertaining the whole evening. At Eventos Barcelona we have a wide variety of theme parties for corporate events and gala dinners. Contact us if you need more information about our best shows and activities, we will be happy to suprise you!

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