A step by step guide to organising a cultural event

organizar evento cultural Barcelona

Holding an event on behalf of your company does not just mean you have to choose the theme and sell the tickets. It is a long and complicated process that requires careful planning and investment of resources. You will have to deal with situations you have never been in before, you’ll make mistakes and you’ll learn from your errors. It will be something very positive not just for your personal development but also that of your brand.

With all this in mind, today’s post is going to give you a series of step-by-step tips on how to organise a cultural event, which we hope will be of great use to you for your future success.

Objectives of the cultural event you want to organise

Firstly, we need to outline the objectives that we want to achieve with the cultural event, so we can then think of the best strategies to follow. The event may be to commemorate a special date or to help promote an artistic project. The possibilities are endless, so having a clear idea from the start is essential in the development of the activities.   

Event features

The event must be designed around the target audience we want to attract. For example, selecting a presenter who is well renowned in the industry, including open-air activities or providing an interactive framework that all the attendees can take part in. We must also not forget the use of the latest technology, as apart from just being powerful tools to help make our event stand out, it also helps us to organise and communicate better with the attendees.

Scope of the event

A cultural event can be as simple and brief as a poetry reading to a select group of people at a specific time, or as complex as a philosophy convention that lasts several days with famous speakers from all over the world. For the latter, you will have to bear in mind factors such as hotel capacities and the distance of international airports.  

Choose a date and time

Based around the audience you have identified as your main target for your event, you should choose the day and time that most suit them, as well as a formal theme.

Draw up your event budget

You need to be aware of the money you have available at all times, create a budget and stick to it. If possible, look for external financing for the event such as private or public sponsors.

Create a work team

We cannot do everything ourselves, so one of the keys to success for the organisation of cultural events is the creation of various work groups. They need to be made up of skilled and imaginative individuals who are not afraid of taking the initiative.   

Event promotion

Promotion of the event is absolutely crucial, and you need to allocate a large proportion of resources to this side of the project. If you want to create a stir, your cultural event needs to be different from the rest, so maybe it is worth contracting an advertising agency to produce a truly original publicity campaign. Or maybe your budget means you want to go down a more traditional route. With the exception of a very specific target audience, having a social medial and digital presence to promote the event is always a good idea.  

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