PianoBar: Swing & Cocktails.

Pianobar is a new events concept, combining cocktails and live music.

The basic musical line-up is a piano, percussion and a singer, and can be enhanced with more instruments such as a saxophone, trumpet or violin.

And the notes are served in glasses shaken with rhythm or slowly stirred to create a performance that your guests will take away and remember.

Swing and cocktails for your corporate or private event.


Our Pianobar comes either with real percussion instruments or electronic tracks mixed by a dj. Additional instruments include a trumpet, a saxophone and a singer, and this show is easily adaptable to any sort of event.

Pianobar is the ideal event concept for guests to enjoy cocktails and listen to good music. We can tailor the drinks to the occasion with a personalised selection of cocktails representing the company brand, and we can even provide a juggling mixologist to add a touch of performance to the show.