Burlesque and Cabaret Shows for Events.

At Eventos Barcelona we have a group of dancers specializing in Burlesque and Cabaret. These dance shows can be adapted and personalized to your event type, and can include from two to nine dancers. The usual format for a Burlesque Show for events is in three parts, but we can discuss the best option for your particular event. This spicy but elegant entertainment will engage all the audience!

Shows by professional dancers full of sensuality: Neo burlesque with a touch of cabaret.

Our Cabaret and Burlesque Dancers can perform on stage show or mix and mingle entertainment, where the guest can interact with the dancers, and taking pictures with them and have fun. A Cabaret or Burlesque Show is also ideal for a Casino Party in Barcelona, for example, at which we provide gambling tables for poker, blackjack, roulette, etc and a twenties theme. The show takes the form of a surprise appearance by the dancers in the middle of the party, which is guaranteed to astonish and delight all your guests.

Burlesque Dancers in Barcelona

Do you want to go back to the 20s? Can you imagine yourself in a casino, surrounded by cigarette holders, typical 20s music and ladies dressed in feathers? Maybe you want to experience the magic and cheekiness of a cabaret show? Ah, but you don’t have a time machine. Well you didn’t… until now. What if we told you that you could organise a party with various ambiances that you are in full control of? The concept of a 20s themed party, with burlesque dancers, roulette wheels and go-go dancers in champagne glasses is now easier to achieve than ever before, with various options available on the market to help make your event truly unforgettable. The benefits of having Burlesque Dancers at your party If you’re looking for a different type of party, at EB we know how to take you back in time. Our vast experience and passion for event organization means we can offer you a large list of possibilities, including a 1920’s option, with everything included.   We have various Burlesque Dancers in Barcelona, in addition to Cabaret or Music Hall Dancers, all with the rhythm and performances from a throwback era to completely transform a venue’s atmosphere. We don’t just support you with the best options available, we also guide you throughout the organization of the event, paying close attention to the smallest of details and adapting to your needs so you can offer your guests a party like no other.

History and a show at your event in Barcelona

However, you don’t just hire Burlesque Dancers, we also help to take your party back in time by providing exquisite decorations, typical music and casino tables. We also take care of lighting, sound and any other aspect imaginable for your event, because at EB, above everything else, we live to give you the best possible experience. Do you want to hire Burlesque Dancers in Barcelona? Let us know more.

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